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the song is called "larry hoover." it's dedicated to a famous gangster in chicago known as king larry. but i'm getting way, way, way ahead of this story. let's goo the scene. laurel, maryland, right near the railroad tracks, lafayette drive. a large warehouse complex. small engine repair. auto body supply. and over here, a recording studio. around 1:00 this morning two guys go inside copycats to record that "larry hoover" rap song. once that rap song was a wrap, the two singers walked out of the studio, and then out of the building. everybody else inside, they're getting ready to leave, too. when all of a sudden those rappers come back, and they have guns and they order people onto the sofa and they start
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demanding things. valuable things. >> what we're looking for is the voice recognition, maybe somebody will recognize their voices or heard this tune or know who these fellows are. >> reporter: carlos garcia is the general manager of copycat. he was not at the studio at the time of the robbery. >> that's the number one priority, to get the name of the artist. we didn't do it this time. we just have to make sure protocols are followed. staff that can't follow protocols need to not be staff anymore. >> reporter: so what they mean by protocols, in order to record here, you're supposed to have an appointment. the rapping robbers just dropped in off the street. if you recognize their voice, police want to hear from you. live in laurel, pat collins, news4. breaking news right now. an arrest in a violent attack on an elderly woman. the robbery and assault happened inside her home in the 3900 block of mckinley street in chevy chase, d.c.
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darcy spencer joins us live with the breaking developments. darcy? >> reporter: jim, i just got off the phone with the d.c. police and i can confirm that an arrest has been made in this case. we're awaiting additional details. but i can tell you the suspect's name is tieran mcelraft, arrested today, just 18 years old, on burglary one. that involved burglary where an assault was involved in that. the victim just 81 years old. police returned to the scene here on mckinley street around 45 minutes ago to collect additional evidence. this crime happened somewhere between 11:45 yesterday morning and 12:30 in the afternoon. the victim, she is blind and she is hard of hearing. the suspect apparently got into her home through a broken basement window. then there was some sort of encounter between that suspect and the victim inside her home. at that point they tell us that she was punched in her head and face. now, yesterday she was found by a mailman here. and he indicated she was barely
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kpgs. and she was confused. right at her own doorstep. >> the nature of the crime is a heinous crime, a violent crime. the person who did this is a coward. the woman's 81 years old. that's enough said. >> reporter: now, according to the police report, the suspect was wearing a mask. there was not a lot of descriptive information. it also indicates that her apple computer was taken. so it's possible that computer may have led to this arrest. the victim, by the way, she remains in the hospital recovering from those serious injuries. reporting live from chevy chase, d.c., darcy spencer, news4. record breaking snowstorm is adding more problems and misery to the northeast. just days after that powerful hurricane and all the flooding and damage there, areas of new jersey now seeing up to a foot of snow. high winds, heavy snow brought down damaged trees and power lines and a total of 350,000 people in the state lost power.
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add that to the people who were already without power from superstorm sandy. just other four inches of snow fell in central park while seven fell in queens. 50,000 people lost power in this storm, raising the total number of outages in new york city to about 200,000. utility companies hope to have power restored by saturday. the area's three major airports are slowly getting back to normal after canceling hundreds of flights. >> here in our area the wind has picked up. we escaped that snow as doug predicted. what is in store for tonight and tomorrow. doug joins us now to let us know. >> for the first time in a while, we've hit the mid-50s. at least for high temperatures. but the wind is definitely kicking up as you mentioned. current temperature 52. the dew point right now, 12. the humidity is way down there, very dry atmosphere. look at those winds gusting to 30 miles an hour across the area right now. no rain across our region, but we're going to see clear skies tonight.
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the storm left our area early this morning after reporting a little bit of light rain and snow at the airport last night. no accumulation as we were talking about. it does look like now we're just going to be dealing with clear skies and sunshine. wait until you see the change in the pattern coming up over the next couple of days. it will take us through the weekend. and i'll show you what that means for you. >> all right. late this afternoon, the man who killed several people and shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords learned his punishment. keith russell is following the sentencing for jared loughner. keith? >> wendy, jared lee loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison for last year's tragedy in tucson. survivors this afternoon acknowledged loughner suffers from mental illness. just about everyone concluded that does not excuse him from killing six people and injuring 13 others. loughner today received seven life terms. one for each of the six he killed outside a safeway in tucson, arizona, and one for the attempted assassination of former congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords. she had a chance to address loughner in court but she did not speak. her husband mark kelly said he failed in creating a world as dark as his. one staffer shot twice in the attack had this to say. >> i told him that it is my hope that his parents can eventually find some peace perhaps in changing or helping the lives of others, and i also hope that in the confined and very limited life that he will be leading, that he will find some small meaning in life each day. >> loughner diagnosed with schizophrenia after the shooting, waived his right to speak this afternoon. he avoids the death penalty because of a plea agreement. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. election day meant long lines for voters in virginia. now the state's democratic party is calling for an investigation into why some people had to wait so long to cast their ballots. as northern virginia bureau
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chief julie carey reports now, some local elected officials also want their own reviews into what went wrong. >> reporter: it was almost november 7th, and many polls had been closed for hours before some virginia voters cast their ballots tuesday. at this prince william county polling place some people reported waiting five hours to vote. in fairfax county, one polling place was open until 10:30. and two-hour waits were common in various precincts. >> just unacceptable. why weren't the proper preparations taken. we knew it was going to be a big turnout. >> reporter: that's bryan moran. he said long waits were in rif mobbed. now he's calling on the governor to instruct the state board of elections to do a full investigation. he says turnout also reached new highs in 2008, but there weren't similar problems then. >> why did it go so poorly this year and why were the long lines experienced. again, we're going to be a battleground state. we don't want this to happen
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again. let's take the proper steps. let's fix it. >> reporter: someone else who wants a fix is republican corey stewart. it took him two hours to vote. he says contrary to suggestions made by a democratic supervisor, the county board of elections did receive the money it needed to prepare for 2012. still, stewart says, he wants a review, too. >> we are going to hear from the board of elections about what happened, why it took so long, why they weren't really prepared for the massive influx of people that wanted to vote. >> reporter: fairfax county's board chairman is also taking action in view of the long lines at some of the polling places there. in his newsletter going out to citizens today, sharon is calling for recommendations about how to improve the election process. she also said while the long waits were a problem, there is some good news. >> fairfax county's turnout was 80%, possibly a new record. in northern virginia, julie carey, news4. president obama's reelection
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has reignited the push for immigration reform. it was the focus of a rally today in front of the white house. chris gordon is here with more on that. chris? >> latinos turned out in large numbers on election day, almost 7 out of 10 voting for the president. and now they're using their political power for their future, and their families. they demonstrated in front of white house bringing their message to president obama. latinos worked for his reelection and now they're asking for his help. they want comprehensive immigration reform to keep families together. >> we need justice now for 11 million people in this country. latinos overwhelmingly supported the president's reelection and now it's time for payback. >> reporter: this woman campaigned for maryland's dream act which voters approved on tuesday. granting in-state tuition for the children of undocumented immigrants. but she said she still lives in fear. >> my sister's a citizen. my grandmother is a permanent
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resident. my parents and brother and i are undocumented. we want to let president obama know we're here and we're not giving up until our comprehensive immigration reform is reached. >> reporter: this group walked from california to washington, because members of her family face deportation. >> i come from a family of 11. and six members of my family were undocumented. they all received deportation letters. >> reporter: but these people face a fight. fred who heads the group who opposed the dream act said he's against immigration reform. >> it's not about education, it's all about amnesty. and congress has stopped that for ten years. we don't see it changing. the congress hasn't really changed. >> reporter: latino activists will now take their fight to capitol hill. >> they should have gotten the message this time around that immigrants and latinos came out and voted in big numbers this time around. and we want no more excuses. we want comprehensive immigration reform. >> there are an estimated 24
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million latino voters in the united states. just before the election, president obama accused the republican party of alienating the fastest growing demographic in the country, the latino community. the president is also on record saying that his biggest failure was the lack of immigration reform. wendy, jim? >> news4 at 5:00 is just getting started tonight. up next, a mother just couldn't wait to get to the hospital. her curbside delivery next. another casino will come to maryland but that is not stopping the lawsuits. we are live in prince george's county. a lot of people are driving underneath these in tyson's corner. but what are they all about?
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a fire behind a school in northeast d.c. is now a death investigation. last night when the fire was put out on brentwood parkway, officers found a body inside a vehicle. the medical examiner is trying to identify the victim now. surveillance video captures a scary scene for a 7-eleven clerk in alexandria. two men ran into the store near here seminary road. one jumped over the counter while the other grabbed the clerk. they held him at gun point as they emptied out the cash
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register and eventually threw him to the ground. the clerk wasn't hurt. police believe this could be connected to a similar robbery at an exxon satation on van dor street. if you have information, police want to hear from you. it is often said that washington is made up of people who come here from somewhere else. but eventually the day comes when this feels like home. and for one couple in a new neighborhood near nationals park, that day was last friday, when their son was born on the sidewalk. news4's jackie bensen talked to the parents. >> it's funny to me to think a week ago today, our biggest concern was, like, oh, i hope we can have a natural birth. >> reporter: six-day-old alexi is a tough fellow. last friday his mother, eight months, three weeks pregnant, and counting, felt what she described as mild labor pains. she called husband tom paquin at work. he drove home thinking they had
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plenty of time based on the birth of their first child, avery. but heather said her labor pains took a very sharp, sudden turn. >> all of a sudden things shifted. i just knew, this baby is coming right now. >> reporter: in one of those family dramas that will be retold forever, the baby started coming right there on the sidewalk in the 300 block of l street southeast at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> she rested her hands on the car. and she was standing up. i held my arms underneath and the baby fell right into my arms. >> reporter: heather, whom her husband describes as, quote, a pretty calm person, pulled out her cell phone. >> i felt we were the spectacle showing up in the ambulance, we went to gw. there's always a lot of residents and other people. i think we were surrounded by 20 some people. >> reporter: that patch of sidewalk is now part of his family's history. >> we might take a little stroll out to the sidewalk and show him the spot. i'm sure he'll have a great story to tell all his friends.
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>> reporter: in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news4. >> he can go back and say, this is where i was born, exactly right here. >> wow. >> pretty cool, huh? >> nice day out there today. lots of blue sky. >> don't we deserve it. >> mm-hmm. >> don't the people in the northeast deserve some fantastic weather. >> they need sunny 75-degree weather up in the northeast. >> we've got that coming, wendy. >> up north? >> maybe not 75, but i'm got 72 one day for us and near 70 up there, too. so they are going to see much-needed relief as far as weather is concerned. that is some really good news. we're going to be on a very quiet stretch over the next couple of days. let's look outside right now where we're looking at the washington monument. way off in the distance, the new soccer fields built right there by the train tracks, down along the potomac. this is down towards national harbor, taking a look at national harbor this evening. you can see the beltway just off in the distance. but things starting to go
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downhill as far as the temperatures go. not too bad. 52 right now. that's a lot warmer than we were the entire day yesterday. dew point is 12. extremely dry. winter gusting to near 30 miles per hour. that's what we're seeing around the region. gusts between 15 and 30. those winds will begin to subside a little bit this evening. it will still be rather breezy not only this evening, but into the day tomorrow, too. temperatures 47 in hagerstown. 46 right now in gaithersburg. 53 in fredericksburg. and 52 down towards pax river. tomorrow temperatures even warmer than they were today. no rain to talk about. we didn't have any rain today. we did see three hours of light rain and snow mixed with sleet last night. that all moved out of here. now that storm making its way well up towards portions of new england. up towards new york, in through connecticut, now you're looking at the storm just to the south of boston and around the cape here. so that storm finally moving out of here. but it did leave a lot of snow in parts of the area. video out of connecticut, this
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was around the hartford area where they picked up a record snowfall for the month of november. over five inches in hartford. parts of connecticut picked up over a foot of snow. of course, this was right after sandy last week. very tough going across that region during the day today. at least early this morning. but with the sun coming out, things are going to get a lot better. the chilly, windy weather behind our storm system moving out of here. tomorrow, abundant sunshine once again. high pressure begins to develop. then the area of high pressure sticks around and we continue to warm up. by saturday, i think we're in the mid-60s. and by sunday and monday, temperatures in the low 70s. boy, do we need to see that. it's going to be a great time for the weekend. as far as the weather's concerned. clear skies, breezy and mild this evening. 47 to 52 degrees. tomorrow morning, clear skies, chilly start, 28 in some of the coldest suburbs to about 36 in the city. again, with abundant sunshine, we should warm up fairly quickly tomorrow. finally warmer, breezy, temperatures 57 to 61 degrees.
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here's your next couple of days. 67 on saturday. a few more clouds. and then nothing but sunshine on sunday. monday, a high of 73. >> oh, yeah. >> before our next storm comes in. that one just a rain shower chance, with a chance of a thunderstorm. but the weekend probably the best weekend we've seen in some time. >> wow. all right. >> there you go. >> we need to see a good weekend. preferably like this evening. >> start it now. >> starting in an hour, i'd like to see the weekend. still ahead at 5:00, bargain deals or bad buys. is using a no-contract cell phone worth it? we're going to test your spending savvy. we have a liz quiz. and how school leaders in montgomery county plan to combat the growing drug use problem among teens. and in sports, maryland soccer teams go global, to become the team to beat in the acc soccer tournament. and tonight at 6:00 on news4, a pilot making history in diamond formation.
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we're talking soccer. >> yep. yesterday was d.c. united. that match didn't go off. b great weekend around here. men's soccer team gave them the advantage this postseason. terps, top seed in the acc tournament. they are the team to beat as
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it's down to the semifinals. zachary keach previews the match versus clemson. >> last year we had a perfect season. our postseason ended a little abruptly. there's been a tremendous focus to get back to the postseason. i feel like the regular season was the real nice appetizer and now we're ready for the big meal. >> reporter: the men's soccer program is the model of consistency. the terps rolled through the regular season unbeaten. but then, in their last game against wake forest, they tried to hit the cruise control. chalking up their lone loss of the season. >> everything happens for a reason. i think it's a good wakeup call for us. any day we can be beaten. >> we want to win the championship. which we've done. now we're competing in the acc championship. we want to be one of the last two standing. all the goals are in front of
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us. i think that loss maybe, i don't know if humble is the right word, but maybe reenergized us. >> reporter: a win tomorrow against clemson would give the coach his 300th career victory, a milestone he's been able to reach in part because of his ability to create a family atmosphere with a group of players from around the globe. >> couldn't ask for anything better, to be honest. playing soccer with, i mean, with the country's best. i want to be a better soccer player in the program as a whole. it teaches me how to be a better person. >> i think our family dynamics off the field makes us unique. we're a very tight click. all of us, we care for each other, we've got each other's back, not just on the field but off the field. >> reporter: the nationally ranked terps have nine players representing eight countries, from norway to south africa, haiti to japan, but they play with the heartbeat of one. >> to be honest, they've done a
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great job with me so far. i mean, i'm as american as you can get. >> soccer is a global game. and once you get inside the lines, you speak the same language. >> reporter: for now it's the acc tournament. but there's more at stake. the national championship would mean that every senior group since 1995 would have played in the final four. >> it would mean everything. i think that's why you come to a school like this, you want to win a national championship. if you haven't been able to do it yet, it puts a huge chip on all of our shoulders. we come early in the summer, work out and everything, just for that moment to play in a national championship game. so i think, you know, if we're fortunate enough to be in that position, i think it will mean everything to all of us. >> reporter: zachary keach, news4 sports. so they're using that last game of the season as a wakeup call. the terps have their eye on the prize.
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conference final sunday. they're ranked second in the country, hoping to come out on top when the ncaas start next week. soccer big dance coming for them. >> good for them. when we come right back at 5:30, we check in on the construction over at the dulles metro stop. plus, where will everybody park if there's no parking by the train? this is the view of national harbor that mgm ceo said he fell in love with when he said he visited prince george's county. coming up on news4, this is the other side of that view. and some of the folks who live here have filed suit trying to stop a casino. and not everyone is happy with aquariums that are
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fast forward through the headlines. police looking for two men they say robbed a recording studio after recording a rap song. it happened early this morning in laurel. several people were there at the time. the suspects got away with the victims' wallets and phones but no injuries. late this afternoon, d.c. police arrested a man accused of attacking an 81-year-old woman in her home. she's recovering tonight. she was inside her house in northwest d.c. yesterday when that man broke in. a postal carrier found her and called police. a record breaking snowstorm adding more problems to the northeast. just days after that powerful storm hit areas of new jersey and new york, now they're seeing
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up to a foot of snow. high winds, heavy snow brought down damaged trees and power lines. let's fast forward to doug in the weather. >> we're still seeing the winds gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour in some parts. that will make things feel a little cooler throughout tonight. the clearing skies, though, as the storm system moves out. one more thing i want you to notice. the current temperature here, 52. boston, 39. that's the cold air that was here yesterday. that is moving out. i want you to take a look down to the left-hand corner of your screen there. see that nice little 80-degree sign down there towards dallas? that is the warm air that will finally start to make its way our way. it's going to get nice and warm during this weekend. we'll talk more about that, and about the great pattern change coming up. just two days after maryland voters approved a refer ren tum to expand gaming in the state, a new legal challenge aims to stop it. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is at national harbor where the fate of a potential new casino hangs
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in the balance. >> reporter: jim, this lawsuit was filed last friday. and they're going to be doing more filing in the coming days hoping to get a hearing on the class action lawsuit. they're filing it on behalf of folks who live just over in on the other side of national harbor. and it's really technical. so we'll have the attorney break down for you what it means. it all comes down to who was qualified and how many people actually voted. there are 3.7 million qualified voters in maryland. on tuesday, about 69% of them came out to vote, and they decided to expand gambling in maryland. according to the state board of elections. but an attorney has filed a civil suit that challenges in part the election's results. >> how many votes do you need to be successful. >> reporter: according to the maryland board of elections, 52% of the people who voted on question 7 were in favor of it, causing the measure to pass. but in the civil suit challenging the outcome of the
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election, they claim question 7 failed with only 35% of the vote. in other words, they say the requirement is a majority of all registered voters. whether they came out to vote, or not. >> the majority of the qualified voters of the state as defined by the courts, means a majority of the registered voters. once again, the general assembly knowing that's a tough hurdle. they're saying a simple majority of people need to vote on the question. >> reporter: the council to the general assembly explained in a letter to the speaker of the house that according to the constitution, the general assembly may only authorize additional forms of expansion of gaming if it's through a referendum, in a general election, by a majority of the qualified voters in the state. the civil suit is accusing the attorney general's office of tweaking the interpretation of the state's constitution in order to pass gaming expansion. >> we think the attorney general's all over the board on this. and the end of the day it comes down to people protecting their community.
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>> reporter: gaming, the casino company who paid a lot of money to fight this question, said there remains a question as to the the validity of the outcome given a legal challenge that has been filed by an outside group as to what constitutes a qualified voter in this election. we'll be exploring that issue in the coming days. now, we contacted the maryland attorney's office. they said they have not actually been served with this suit yet, and cannot comment until that happens. most likely will be withholding comment until court. coming up at 6:00, we'll introduce you to the votes who were actually named in the suit. you'll learn why this could change for thim. tracee wilkins, news4. the approval of question 7 means the casino coming to baltimore can also get table games. a caesar's executive said today, question 7 allows them to hire another 500 workers. saez ar's plans to start building next year and open in
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2014. the casino will have between 80 and 110 table games and a world series of poker rooms. today, a jury was selected in the trial of a bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate. opening arguments will get under way next week for alexis simp n simpson. the delay is because of monday's a holiday. prosecutors say the two got into an argument over music playing on an ipod. a shooting happened last night here on 23rd parkway in hill crest heights. metro silver line is part of an effort to ease one of the worst commutes in the entire country. it's part of the work to get cars off the road. part of the strategy involves parking, or a lack of it. adam tuss live at tyson's corner tonight with a look at the smart growth plans out there. adam? >> reporter: well, wendy, part
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of the plan, the transportation plan here in tyson's corner is to use these metro stations to get people out of their cars. and if you can get enough people out of their cars, then you could take a bite out of our congestion. metro silver line expansion is coming together fast. four stations will be located in tysons corner. the line will eventually run to dulles international airport and into loudoun county. here in tysons, the to ks is on changing this place from changing from parking malls to an urban downtown. a new city. >> less than 20,000 people live here now. fairfaxers would like to see 30 years from now, 25 years from now, more than 100,000 people living here. >> reporter: there won't be any parking to go along with them, and commuters will not be able to use parking lots like tysons
5:37 pm
center parking mall. >> if you were to add parking, imagine the traffic behind you now and add all the people trying to get to that parking. that won't work. >> reporter: what many drivers see going on right now in tysons, pedestrian bridges connected to the metro station, a way for future metro riders to get to the train from neighborhoods and jobs without having to cross traffic. the idea of changing this place, welcome news to some who deal with the challenges here. >> any plans that would help alleviate some of the congestion, and make it more attractive, certainly i think most of us would be onboard for. >> mass transit makes sense. you can't all be spread out and have your five-acre lots. >> reporter: now, many are wondering when this new rail line will open. well, in about a year, you should be able to catch a train here to tysons. adam tuss, news4. plan for delays if you're taking metro this weekend. trains will single track on the orange line. buses will replace trains in
5:38 pm
clarendon. monday will be a saturday schedule for veterans day. still ahead at 5:00, supermodels are the ones who are supposed to turn heads at the victoria secret's fashion show. why all the talk is about rihanna. 'tis the season for
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the national zoo's reptile discovery center is growing eight new additions there. the snakes were born late last month. zookeepers say the births surprised them. they hadn't produced offspring in four years. the newborns are already acting like adult snakes and get their names from the tentacles that protrude from their snout. most of the snakes will be expected to go to other zoos. atheists may consider going to court over loudoun county's new rules for holiday displays at the courthouse in leesburg. last night the board of supervisors approved a display of a christmas tree, nativity scene, santa and menorah on the lawn. last year anyone was allowed to put up a holiday decoration. but santa on a cross drew complaints from the public.
5:42 pm
they may put up attended displays, but no unattended ones this year. >> the board of supervisors simply felt that the best thing to do is to disband the policy on unattended displays, and simply put up a small traditional christmas display, again, celebrating the federal holiday. >> the board of directors of loudoun county is providing a forum for religious groups. and in providing this special access for christian groups is a special privilege they've essentially taken away from other groups. >> this year's display will cost takes pairs about $3,500. york says he believes the board's new policy will survive any court challenge. targeting drug users in montgomery county schools. the council members are pushing for education and training to help identify those students. in april police reported a spike
5:43 pm
in illegal drug use and prescription drugs in parts of montgomery county. >> i think we're doing the right thing by training some of our individual counselors, but i think we need to do a little bit more and step it up to make sure we're mandating that training for all of our teachers and administrators as well. >> council members said parents also need to be educated, what to look for and how to intervene with their kids. when we come right back at 5:00, why there may not be a top gun se get after all. >> the winter ri blast at the north is causing havoc at the airports. i'm liz crenshaw. how do you know if you're getting a bargain or it's a trap? an all new liz quiz is coming up. satellite and radar together, showing the rain and clouds moving on out of here. what's moving in behind it for the weekend, though.
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while we didn't get any snow from the nor'easter that hit the northeast yesterday, it is still affecting air travel in our area. according to the tracking website, flight, there were about 1,600 cancellations across the northeast yesterday. the majority in the new york area. and about 600 were scrapped today. several flights in and out of reagan national were affected. however, airlines say schedules are slowly getting back to normal. let's get another check on our forecast from doug kammerer. >> the final check of the 5:00 hour. we're coming back at 6:00, so make sure you tune in then, too. 52 degrees the temperature out there right now. winds out of the north-northwest at 13 miles an hour, gusting to near 30. that puts a little bit of chill
5:47 pm
in the air. 49 right now in rockville. 48 in reston. we're dealing with a little bit of a windchill this evening. we will continue to deal with that through the next couple of hours. so once again, you probably need the jackets as you head out. on the radar picture, no rain to talk about. we're not going to see any chance of rain-the next few days. that's good news. the storm system yesterday continues to move on out of the area. and well up to the north and east. behind it, we're looking at clearing skies. that's the really good news. now, we've been cold the last two weeks. we've been below average as a deep trough of low pressure in the jet stream has come right across our region. dragging in this cold air all the way down toward the south. over the next couple of days, though, we're going to see a big change. we're going to see the dip in the jet stream move back to the west and that's going to give us a nice ridge here, meaning mild and warm weather. temperatures above average. i think this weekend is looking fantastic. i was all excited about it, then i asked people on my facebook and twitter pages which one
5:48 pm
would you rather have? most of you are saying you'd rather have the cold and where's our snow. how about that. for me, i'm ready for some sunshine for the weekend. 29 in frederick. 27 in martinsburg. and 32 in la plata. it is going to be a fairly cold start to your morning tomorrow. with plenty of sunshine, we're going to warm up quite nicely. going for a high 60 tomorrow in washington. 59 in la plata. leesburg coming in at about 57 degrees. i think we're looking at a very nice stretch of weather here for the next couple of days. not just tomorrow, but in through saturday. nice with the 67 degree temperature. on sunday and monday, temperatures into the low 70s. sunday is going to be gorgeous. veterans day, a lot of people have off on monday, should be a nice one for that. tuesday coming in with a temperature of 61. but potentially falling temperatures as a frontal boundary moves through. that could bring us a good chance of showers and thunderstorms early in the day. next week, temperatures fall a little bit.
5:49 pm
but once again, enjoy the nice weather where we have it. you, jim and wendy, when i asked you, you can't wait for the warmer weather. >> we could use a little warming spell. i'm not ready. i'm not ready for winter just yet. >> thank you, doug. is now officially entering the world of wine vending. it announced it will start shipping wines to customers in 12 states and d.c. right now you cannot get it shipped to maryland on virginia. you could get up to six bottles for $10 on a shipping charge. it will cost you $10 to ship those six bottles. amazon selections include more than 1,000 varieties from wineries around the country. prices of those will range from less than $10 to more than $100. getting a deal is usually a good thing unless you fall for a pitch that is too good to be true. liz crenshaw tonight has an all-new liz quiz, called bargain or trap.
5:50 pm
>> bargain or trap. using a used car seat for your child, is that a bargain or is a trap? >> trap. >> smart woman. it's a trap because there's no way to know how old it is or whether it was involved in an accident. car thievseats have an expirati date of six years. here's the next question. long-term care insurance, is it a bargain or trap? >> i'm going bargain. >> she's right. kipleer says in 2011, nursing home care topped more than $87,000 a year. at-home care can be even more. without long-term care insurance, you or your family will have to split the bill. here's the next scenario. using a no-contract cell phone service, is that a bargain or is that a trap? >> probably a trap. >> actually, they say it's a bargain. >> oh. >> no contract cell phone plans allow customers to pay as they go with a flat rate plan. and if you want to switch plans,
5:51 pm
you can do so without paying penalty fees. next scenario, tax preparation. do you use tax software to prepare your tax returns yourself? is that a bargain or a trap? >> it's a trap. >> actually, it's a bargain. usually consumers pay hundreds of dollars for a cpa to prepare a tax return. get the tax software, and it ranges from free to $50. next up, the dollar store. buying your vitamins or your medications at a dollar store, is that a bargain or is it a trap? >> i think it might be a trap. >> why do you think so? >> i'm not sure it would be the real thing for $1. >> "consumer reports" found dollar store multivitamins did not always have the amount of nutrients listed on the label. generic vitamins and pills from your local pharmacy or supermarket is a better bet. next up, credit cards. applying for a store credit card to save 10% on today's purchases, is that a bargain or
5:52 pm
a trap? >> a trap. >> why? >> because the credit card, the interest is so expensive. >> no matter how good the deal sounds, retail cards said to carry very high interest rates. kiplinger said getting a retail card on a whim may also lower your credit score. speaking of your credit score. paying less than $10 for a copy of your credit card, bargain or trap? >> trap. >> why? >> because they're free. >> yes. good girl. by law you are entitled to a free credit report every year from three of the each main credit bureaus. you can request them all at once or spread them out over the year to keep a close eye on your credit history. you're suzy smart consumer today. >> have i sent away for mine recently? >> yeah. liz crenshaw, news4. we did pretty good. the dollar store got us tonight. >> i didn't know about the vitamins there. >> i did not either.
5:53 pm
now, let's check out what stories are trending right now online. >> rihanna proved she could walk the runway at the victoria secret fashion show. she hung out with the models backstage and made several wardrobe changes as one of the featured performers. justin bieber took the stage also at this year's event. the plans for "top gun 2" are on hold for now. in august, scott tragically killed himself. movie executives are temporarily shelving the project out of respect for scott's legacy. one of the jackson brothers is trying to change his famous last name, at least the way it is spelled. jermaine jackson is petitioning a court to change the spelling of his name to s-u-n, instead of s-o-n. he's been promoting his book on
5:54 pm
his brother. coming up next at 5:00, the battle to bring beluga whales
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
for the first time in almost two decades, u.s. aquariums are trying to import whild beluga
5:57 pm
whales from the arctic. they would live in captivity here. >> and for that reason, the plan is seeing stiff opposition. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more from the georgia aquarium in atlanta. >> reporter: they are as stunning as they are playful. >> i personally think the whales are amazing. they're my favorite in the whole aquarium. they're just beautiful and majestic. >> reporter: these beluga whales have dazzled tour groups at the georgia aquarium for years. >> i think we should keep them safe no matter what. >> reporter: now the aquarium finds itself swimming in controversy over a proposed plan to import 18 more of them from russia. >> we feel like our role is not only to have animals so that people can be inspired by seeing them, but we also have to have them to learn from them. >> reporter: the whales all captured in the last seven years would be spread out over six aquariums in the u.s. the first such import in almost two decades.
5:58 pm
>> we want to ensure that that population is robust and can be maintained. and these belugas can be around for future generations to enjoy. >> this is about money. this is about ticket sales. >> reporter: dr. laurie marino, a neuroscientist at emory university, is among the thousands of people who criticize the plan during an online comment period. she also points out that a newborn beluga whale died at the georgia aquarium earlier this year. >> their lives are ruined in captivity. they will be in socially deprived situations. where their autonomy is taken away. >> reporter: the plan has drawn the attention of peta, and actress kim bassinger, who in a letter last month to the governor called the idea extremely cruel. officials at the aquarium claim those critics of a vocal minority. the proof, they say, is in the more than 2 million visitors. who enjoy watching these creatures every year. >> if we don't figure out how to
5:59 pm
conserve their environment, this sa lost world. i see this as kind of an advertisement for trying to preserve those kinds of environments, so we can all live together somehow on the planet. right now, at 6:00, the northeast part of the country has survived back-to-back storms, and now another change is coming. the man who tried to assassinate a member of congress is sentenced to live in prison. part of the city skyline might be about to change. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. first, the so-called fiscal cliff. priority number one, for congress and president obama, making a deal that avoids financial disaster. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: thanks, doreen. this fight is still all about taxes. here on capitol hill there are

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